Your Path To Healthier Eating Starts Here


Baby Steps

Changing your lifelong eating habits is a big deal and can seem daunting and overwhelming, so it's important that you start on the right track and set yourself up for success.  If you are ready to go cold turkey and give up all meat and dairy, eating only plant-based foods - let's do it.  But if you are like the vast majority of people, hesitant to go all-in right away, the best way to start is with small, simple, easily accomplished changes that you can incorporate into your life and stick with, long-term.

'This For That' Food Swaps And Grocery Finder

Food swaps are one of the easiest ways to get started.   Want to make spaghetti and swap out the ground beef for a delicious plant-based alternative?   Have that morning coffee with a great half & half substitute?   Check out our This For That food swaps for all the tasty options.

Restaurant Finder

Where can you find great restaurants that will have healthy options for you?  Our friends at have created a useful guide (with reviews) that will give you the best restaurants near you.

Delicious Healthy Recipes

You will be amazed at the variety of food items and fantastic meals you can make for yourself or for you and your family.  We highlight simple, delicious recipes from some of our favorite sites and chefs that keep healthy eating a top priority.

Helpful Resources: Movies, Books, Magazines and more!

There's a sea of information out there and we want to direct you to info we trust.  Watch and read some of the most influential movies and articles about eating right, health and overall wellness.  Click below to get woke!

We are not just making this up - it's science!

People who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly tend to live longer, healthier lives.  But do not just take our word for it, read some of the best articles we have found that explain why healthier eating will make you feel better, help you lose weight and maybe even save your life.