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better food daily (bfd)

As we have known for years, there is a health crisis in America and a growing awareness that it has a lot to do with how we live and what we eat.  There is a movement toward healthier living and eating, and that includes a shift in the direction of plant-based foods.  But given the ingrained nature of our eating habits, it is hard for people who want to start eating healthier to know exactly where to begin.

There is a sea of fragmented and confusing information out there and it is too hard to find the answers that you need.  What should I be eating?  Which healthy foods are also things I can enjoy?  Where can I buy them?  How can I make them?  How can I connect with others who are asking the same questions?

bfd is curated by Jeanne Tomcavage who has been changing lives and answering these same questions for over twenty years.  Jeanne owns the premiere private training facility in Santa Monica, California (Bodyfirst) where she is a seasoned and certified personal trainer and business owner.  Jeanne has studied and been following the best nutrition practices since well before she opened her training facility and knows that the path to healthy eating is not as clear as the path to fitness thru exercise.  Along with her husband - a health makeover 'work-in-progress' (read his story HERE), colleagues and expert contributors, our goal is to serve as your onramp and roadmap to healthy eating and living.

bfd is here to help answer the questions 'what do I do, where do I start, and what's next'?' and BFD is the ideal resource for people who want to make better food and lifestyle choices every single day.  We help people at all points in the journey – whether you are just starting to make small changes in your eating habits, or you are well into the practice of healthy eating and living.

bfd – via the web and social media - is the one-stop resource for information and inspiration, highlighting the latest food/health news, recipes, restaurant and product reviews, food guides, new food offerings, even the ability to buy food products and meals.  And, if there is something we don't know or do, we will direct you to someone who does.  Be sure to follow us on twitter @betterfooddaily and instagram @better_food_daily for 'daily bites' - recipes, health news and so much more..

So join us as we build the ultimate guide to better living.  Our goals are aligned - you want to be healthy - and we want to help you get there.   Let's go!